1991 - We base a place specifically dedicated to erotic art, ancient and contemporary. For a dozen years, Les Larmes d’Éros hold regular exhibitions of old and contemporary artists. Their openings become an essential meeting point for wildlife libertine Paris.
1992 - Publication of Corps à Cordes collection of photographs by Guy Lemaire: first book published by Astarte, created in the wake of Les Larmes d’Éros.
1993 - Torture Garden, the first work by Alexandre Dupouy, published in Tokyo by Editions Treville.
1994 - Publication of Yva Richard, the golden age of Fetishism, and first scholarly monograph on fetish photography in the thirties, with the completion of the first two videos showing illegal Shorts raised one by one. A dozen VHS tapes, a dozen hours in total will be published by Astarte.
1995 - Publication of the compendium of photographs of Scènes d’Intérieur published Konkursbuch Claudia Gehrke. The other two components of this monograph of Alexander photographer, Scènes Orientales and Scenes Libertines appear in 1998 and 2003.
2002 - Website broadcasting activities of Les Larmes d’Éros and les Éditions Astarté.
From 2005 - Alexandre and Jocelyne are turning instead to publishing. Their various research helps to enrich the catalog Éditions Astarté. Admittedly, their works are not present in large areas -even those “used to grow"- but this allows them to disseminate confidential, however, present a quality production.
2007 - Publication of six books: Les Éditions Ostra, Montorgueil Volume 1, Le Journal de Sartine, Clitoris empourprés, 1930 Amateurs, Délices Joufflus, Histoire Naturelle and Anthology of Erotic Cinema Clandestine, six DVD movies clandestines inedits.
2008 - Six new titles: Montorgueil 2, Lesbos Pornos, Beauty tinted, Amateur 1940, The Grisettes in Hell, and above all the three sites, which this date in 6000 selected images, for the books we publish and for our books, old photographs and drawings.
The adventure continues . . .